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Process journal for artistic residence at Moinhos do Dão, Mangualde, Portugal.

This page is an addition to AiR Moinhos do Dão

Aims & Themes

Aim to experience belonging with-in the environment, with-in the self, and with-in the other.

Aim to develop a tool box of belonging in self and environment.

Aim to make nature connection tools effortlessly accessible to the thought colony of the modern mind.

Aim to experiment with artistic tools for nature connection

Aim to process, synthesize and share insights of nature connection and regeneration. Why do they require each other?

Aim to belong in exactly the way you are now and here. Now. Right here. In your embodied experience now.


  • 3 Essential Elements of Biomimicry

    • 1 of which is: (Re)Connect: The concept that we are nature and find value in connecting to our place on Earth as part of life’s interconnected systems. (Re)Connect as a practice encourages us to observe and spend time in nature to understand how life works so that we may have a better ethos to emulate biological strategies in our designs.

  • 6 Principles of Biomimicry

  • 7 Principles of Regenerative Agriculture

  • 8 Shields of Nature Connection

  • 12 Principles of Permaculture

Glossary from The Web of Meaning by Jeremy Lent [in my own words]

  • qi is the energy of life

  • li is the pattern that directs the energy of all life

  • the Tao is the harmonious flow

  • animate intelligence is the faculty to communicate with non-rational processes (i.e. life itself, non-human beings) (related to qi, homeostasis)

  • conceptual intelligence is the faculty to apply structure and pattern to processes (related to li)

  • flux-balance (systems theory) the balance maintained by the dynamic tension between opposing forces in a system (e.g. water spiraling down a drain: rate of water flowing from faucet vs. rate of going down the drain = spiral effect/flux-balance).

  • (point) attractor the ultimate predictable state of a system (e.g. the resting place of a swinging pendulum)

  • strange attractor(physics) the chaotic path of unpredictable phenomena. Occurs within certain parameters (e.g. ocean waves rising and falling; the shape of trees; or a pendulum swinging itself) (NB. renamed natural attractor by Jeremy Lent; =the Tao) (relates to homeostasis)

  • homeostasis maintains all systems of the body in a stable state within certain parameters.

  • basin of attraction(physics) the stable pattern which natural attractors generally converge back to. (=homeostasis)

Soft action plan

Nature Connection => Wise Action => Regeneration

  1. connect with nature

  2. act from a connected place to regenerate

  3. regenerate to live in abundance & creativity

  4. create to serve life itself

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