❓Question Log

An ongoing log of personal and artistic research questions.

Current focus

  • Do humans thrive with greater wisdom, power and compassion when they have deep personal relationship with the ecosystem? If yes, what can I do to facilitate this intimate relastionship?

  • Why are humans blamed for destroying planet earth?

  • Which nature-based practices strengthen a palpable, personal relationship with non-human beings?

  • What's a regenerative lifestyle, why's it important, and how can I live one?

  • What does regenerate mean? What's the history of the word?

  • How can I access and trust animate intelligence (i.e. non-rational) and foster an integrated intelligence to guide my actions?

Additional questions

  • What are the layers of relationship to the place I live?

    • Space, nutrients, body, heart, energy, emotions, animals, plants.

    • Can I map the relationships and qualities of them? Can I map the practices that impact them?

  • How can principles of nature and permaculture nurture a win-win relationship between human and non-human beings?

  • How does nature work?

  • How can I best foster conditions for emergence?

  • How can we make community and eco-living integrated for the modern city dweller?

  • What happens when we disconnect from death?

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